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When a barbecue becomes art

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First of all, the design

How do you end up designing kitchens specifically for outdoor use? For Raphael Coray, it all started when his wife bought him a barbecue. That gift sparked a passion that has turned into a business: Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle.

Today, the Swiss brand has become a benchmark for the design of all kinds of outdoor kitchens which share a common principle: functionality is certainly important, but beauty comes first. The most recent example is this outdoor barbecue clad in Dekton Kreta, a genuine piece of art, which its designer explains: ‛When designing, I like to be inspired by modern architecture. For me, the focus is on appearance. For this latest design I was inspired by the villa “proyecto / 705”, by Russian architect Roman Vlaslov.’

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A sustainable surface made to last

The Trilium colour, which is part of the Dekton Industrial Collection, was the perfect colour to meet the initial aesthetic requirements thanks to its unique oxidised metal appearance. The chiaroscuro contrast of this surface and its smooth texture give it an unparalleled industrial appearance. Another stand-out feature is that it’s environmentally sustainable: Trilium is manufactured with up to 80% recycled materials from the Dekton production process itself.

Dekton Trilium covers classroom floors and, as if it were one whole flowing piece of material, it runs along the work tables and worktops, where cooking classes are taught or culinary activities and events are held. In total, 260m2 of Dekton® Trilium has been applied to flooring, vertical cladding and worktops.

Due to the vast amount of activities that take place in the building every day, the Pilsa Educa cooking school needs materials that, in addition to being beautiful, are hard-wearing and functional in order to guarantee their durability over time. Dekton’s resistance to heat, cold, heavy-duty use, scratches and stains make it the perfect choice. Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface also allows food to be prepared and handled directly on the surface without any fear of breakage or burning, and ensuring maximum hygiene and safety.

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Do you need help with a project?

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I recommend Dekton as I have only had good experiences with it and it can provide my customers with great results.
Raphael Coray

Raphael Coray

CEO Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle

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