Case Study

Residential luxury in dialogue with the urban fabric

Andrew Emmerson and Joey Stevens, GBL Architects

8X on the Park  - 8X 10 Final scaled 51


Vancouver, Canada






6,000 sq ft

Architecture / Design

Andrew Emmerson and Joey Stevens, GBL Architects


Ventilated façade fastned with Keil anchors

End date



12 mm

Dekton brings an urban flare to 8X on the Park

The 8X on the Park luxury residences is the perfect addition to the Vancouver skyline. Its interesting architectural features, prime location northeast of Emery Barnes Park, and stunning interior design and amenities make it the epitome of luxurious city living.Select sections of the facade of the building are adorned by Dekton Halo, the perfect material to complement this imposing structure, both for its aesthetic and technical properties.

8X on the Park sits in an area rich in masonry heritage, and Dekton Halo fits perfectly into the context while also providing an urban flare. Dekton Halo is a broken white color with subtle shades of gray, soft and bright like the reflection of an unpolluted crystal and the perfect counterpart to the prominent windows, glass balconies, and interesting ‘X’ shapes throughout the upper part of the structure’s skin.

8X on the Park  - 8X 05 Final 63

Durable and timeless beauty

The perfect white tone of Dekton Halo is not the only reason why GBL Architects and Brenhill Developments selected the color for this stunning project. Dekton’s large-panel format, weight, and thickness make it the perfect material for ventilated facades, while its high reflection coefficient, non-combustible properties, resistance to UV-rays, and the freeze/thaw cycle are exactly what this elegant facade needed. This allows Dekton to withstand freezing winters and hot summers without losing its properties or color. An imposing facade enhanced by Dekton Halo, a sight to behold when the sun hits, reflecting off the shiny surface, creating an unforgettable structure in the Vancouver skyline.

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