Villa Omnia

Jano Blanco Ibiza, Spain

Infinite Surfaces: Cosentino’s Large-format surfaces, bespoke pieces, and countertops clad this luxurious villa in Ibiza.
Villa Omnia  - 6 00 31
Immersed in the landscape of Sa Talaia mountain, in the west of the island of Ibiza, Villa Omnia is devised as a large continuous viewing platform that opens up its longitudinal facade towards the sea. The project, designed by Jano Blanco, conveys a sense of timeless beauty through the materiality and balance of its different components. The straight lines and large formats are fused with minimalism, nature, and art. Nearly 700 m² of the ultracompact surface Dekton make up part of the interior and exterior flooring, while Silestone quartz surfaces are used in the bathroom and kitchen countertops.
The pool is made of custom pieces of Dekton in Sirocco, a limestone-like rough gray that provides a natural, restrained look. The entire paved area is also equipped with non-slip grip technology to ensure maximum safety. The stairs of the villa, located both inside and outside, are made out of 2-cm-thick pieces of Dekton custom-cut to size. The chosen color is the one that dominates most of the floor of the project: the grey and urban Strato. Dekton’s unique color Aura 15 stands out for its its never-ending symmetrical pattern of veins, and clads the bathroom walls.
Villa Omnia  - 85 1 33

The ubiquitous presence of Dekton and Silestone surfaces – which clad floors, stairs, swimming pool, bathrooms, and countertops – creates a unified whole distinctive for its high quality, durability, and beauty.

Villa Omnia  - 29 2.1 35
Villa Omnia  - 28 2.2 37
Villa Omnia  - blanco zeus 39
Silestone Blanco Zeus
Villa Omnia  - Silestone Iconic White 41
Silestone Iconic White
Villa Omnia  - zenith 43
Dekton Zenith
Villa Omnia  - Iconic White 45
Dekton Aura
Villa Omnia  - Dekton Sirocco 47
Dekton Sirocco
Villa Omnia  - strato 49
Dekton Strato
Villa Omnia  - 66 4 51
Villa Omnia  - 52 5 53
Villa Omnia  - 88 99 55

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