DKC System

Chemical structural fixing of pieces onto profiles.

Projects that adapt to change. New constructions and renovated buildings alike are often required to adapt to socio-economic changes, new uses or, simply, to preserve the formal limits of pre-existing structures or unexpected shapes of the plot.

DKC System  - DKC INSIDE 31

Inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration rom elegant Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton Velvet Texture finish.

DKC is a completely chemical system of fixing, which permits pieces to be fixed directly onto the supporting sub-structure using structural bonding, avoiding any machining of the piece. Using a profile, two double-sided lengths of tape are placed in the centre while two strips of structural bonding are added to the edge of the profile.

During assembly, the double-sided tape holds the piece while the bonding sets. A multitude of formats can be used and designed, including pieces that are pre-assembled in the factory. This system allows for a range of thicknesses, with 8 mm pieces being popular for use in refurbishment and redesigns.

DKC System  - 21 33

Detail 1. Vertical section

DKC System  - 22 35

Detail 2. Horizontal section

DKC System  - 23 37

Detail 3. Vertical section

DKC System  - 24 39

Detail 4. Horizontal section

1. Dekton | 2. Bonding | 3. Vertical Profile | 4. Secondary Separator | 5. Primary Separator | 6. Double-Sided Tape | 7. Thermal Insulation | 8. Self-propelled Screw | 9. Rupture of Thermal Bridge | 10. Mechanical Anchoring | 11. Supporting Wall | 12. Aluminium Jamb

DKC Projects

Thanks to ultra-compaction during its manufacturing process and negligible water absorption (less than 0.05%), Dekton is ideal for ensuring the flatness and dimensional stability of a surface to tenths of a millimetre, thereby achieving absolute control of the vertical nature of the enclosure.

To avoid movement and “flaps” between pieces that cause unwanted shadows or imperfections in the parameter, choosing a material such as Dekton, which is able to respond properly to the technical requirements of the system, is key.

Geers Evergem

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Do you need help with a project?

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DKC System  - 5 DKM 100 43


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