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Chimneys, lifts and special solutions

The quality, versatility and unique properties of Dekton allow it to be used for covering different elements such as chimneys and lifts. A universe of technical and aesthetic possibilities.

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Exclusive Chimneys

Dekton is an ideal material for the exterior cladding of chimneys because it has indispensable properties, such as:

Linear thermal expansion: between 5.1 and 6.5. 10⁻⁶ • ºC⁻1, which allows us to keep joints to a minimum

Dekton can be used as exterior cladding on the front or side of chimneys, separated from the heat by a refractory interior wall. It is not recommended for use inside chimneys because of the variability of conditions and temperatures that may occur.

For more information, see our manual:

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Light Lifts

Lifts are a perfect setting for applying Dekton because of their requirements.

• Thanks to our 4 mm thickness surface, Dekton Slim, the weight of the lining is minimised and the counterweights of the lift can be reduced.

• Dekton can be provided meshed, increasing the flexibility of the material, which makes it adapt to the vibrations of the lift.

• The vertical walls can be covered with a single piece, in a simple installation, saving time in the process.

• The pieces can be made to include lift accessories, such as handrails.

• The floor of a lift can be covered with other thickness, such as 8 mm or 12 mm, respectively.

• Lifts are high traffic spaces, which are exposed to scratching and staining; thanks to its high-quality properties, Dekton was able to resolve this issue.

Do you need help with your project?

Get in touch with our specialists for advice

Do you need help with your project?

Get in touch with our specialists for advice

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Light and safe doors

Doors are distinctive elements within the interior space; sometimes we want them to be identifiable and at other times we want to preserve the homogeneity of the space. Dekton allows us to cover these pieces and to play with these elements.

Its minimal thickness of 4 mm and 8 mm respectively, makes it ideal for this application due to its lightweight which allows for easier movement.