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Foxx Spazio Menchetti: the essence of Carrara, with the performance of Dekton

TP Arredamenti

Foxx Spazio  - Cosentino Foxx Menchetti dekton 332 49






Aura 15


Ferretti Marmi Fabricator

Architecture / Design

TP Arredamenti


Bar counter and tables

End date



12 mm

A renovation project that keeps with tradition

The Umbria region is known as the “green heart” of Italy. It is a picturesque area with lush forests, charming medieval villages, and without a doubt, some of the best Italian cuisine. Set amongst these surroundings and very close to the historic city centre of Umbertide, you will find Foxx Spazio Menchetti, an avante-garde pizzeria, whose menu and design proves that it hasn’t lost sight of tradition.

Foxx Spazio Manchetti is a restaurant that is adapted for modern times. Its recent refurbishment modernised the space without casting aside its roots. Now, the DJs that spice up the weekends share their space with traditional pizzas and materials that evoke Carrar and Calcatta marble. This is due to the work of Dekton Aura15, the undoubted star of this space’s new look.

Foxx Spazio  - Cosentino Foxx Menchetti dekton 3 61

Dekton Aura15 is customer proof

Dekton Aura15 was chosen for the restaurant’s bar tables and long bar countertop, as it perfectly complements the wooden décor and grey tones that add that touch of vitality. With elegant white threading and veining and a matte finish, Aura15 can be tailored to suit any space.

In addition to innovative design, the renovation team wanted a material that would withstand the wear and tear of high traffic without compromising on aesthetics – something of great importance in a restaurant whose aim is to lead the way in local cuisine. Thanks to its highly stain-resistant and low-maintenance surface, Dekton was the perfect choice for this pizzeria.

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Aura 15


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