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Interior Cladding, Design and Quality

The first stage of Dekton design in the quality of its image. Its designs are inspired by the most sought-after natural materials or by breaking trends, with the unrivalled properties of Dekton. It is a material that can be appreciated both from a distance, to observe the flow of its structure, or from up close, to distinguish all its details.

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Large format for versatile solutions

Dekton’s large format for interior coatings (3200 x 1440) allows a smaller number of joints. A smaller number of joints translates into a more continuous surface; this aspect is essential in interiors since it makes the space seem larger.

The flatness of the product enhances the extended effect of the material, making the surrounding interior an endless plane.


Resistance to thermal shock

UNE EN ISO 10545-8

Expansion between 30–100º


6.5 10 - 6


UNE EN ISO 10545-10

Maximum expansion



Medium expansion




DIlatación térmica lineal

UNE EN ISO 10545-3

Dilatación entre 30º-100º


Expansión máxima


Expansión media


Interior cladding.

Dekton has textures that enhance its surface to give a more natural design and create new tactile experiences. Its textures create shades of touch and depth.

Ultra Texture

Ultra Texture

The ultra texture finish offers a unique tactile experience, replicating nature and its textures in an extremely realistic way.

Ultra Matte

Ultra Matte

The Dekton ultra matte finish offers a flat surface without glare, visually providing a feeling of infinite purity.

Velvet Texture

Velvet Texture

Velvet is the latest finish for the Dekton surfaces. A soft and velvety texture that makes each design an indescribable experience for the senses.



Brightness and clarity are the main characteristics of Dekton’s XGloss texture, providing hyperrealism, uniformity and intensity to each colour.

Do you need help with a project?

Get in touch with our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Get in touch with our specialists for advice

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Infinite cutting for any colour and size

The cutting of the cladding has become another aesthetic resource in interior design; Dekton allows you to play with colours and sizes, thanks to its extensive palette and cutting possibilities. Dekton can easily be planned on site, adjusting to the variations in the initial layout.

Thanks to the versatility of Dekton, it is possible to do it “all in one”. The customer is able to use the same material and/or texture for the flooring and furniture in the same space.