Cosentino Flagship Project

Hipotels: Dekton in all its splendour

by Morro & Serra

Hipotels  - Panoramic  Hipotels 5  4 51


Palma de Mallorca, Spain




Danae, Edora, Blanc Concrete, Halo, Makai, Blanco Zeus


74.440 m2

Architecture / Design


Guillermo Conté Barceló

End date



0.8 cm, 1.2 cm y 2 cm

Hipotels  - Façade   Hipotels 4    Dekton Edora 2 53

An area that uses more than 70,000 m2 of Dekton and 1,600 of Silestone

More than 72,700 m2 of Dekton by Cosentino and 1,600 m2 of Silestone by Cosentino were used in the construction of the two complexes.

Interior and exterior flooring, dry and wet areas

Dekton makes up a large proportion of the flooring of the two hotels, both indoors and out. The large format of the Dekton pieces (320 x 144 cm) has enabled the creation of beautiful, top-quality floors in the rooms, communal areas and outdoor pool area. Smaller-format Dekton pieces give shape to the floors of the showers in the en suite bathrooms, the stairways, and the 5* spa and heated pool. Its durability, resistance to abrasion and easy daily maintenance make this the perfect product for application on floors.

Having opted for uniformity of colour, we find Dekton flooring in various finishes throughout the project, in soft, pale and grey tones such as Danae, Blanc Concrete, Sirocco, Edora and Keon. The striking colour Trilium has been chosen for the heated pool area.

Hipotels  - 6 Hipotels 55

Ventilated facade that resists erosion and salt

The ventilated facade of this four-star hotel’s building is made from Dekton. The material’s properties are ideal for this application. When it comes to the proximity to the sea, Dekton offers optimal performance in the face of sand and salt erosion.

It also has exceptional characteristics such as colour stability and high resistance to ultraviolet rays and staining. More than 9,000 square metres of Dekton®, in the Edora colour, create an impressive architectural result from the building’s facade.

Hipotels  - Façade  Hipotels 4    Dekton Edora 5 57
Hipotels  - 03 Bar wall cladding   Hipotels 5     Dekton Makai 59

Reception, Desks and Bars: 1,000 m2 of Silestone

The communal areas of both hotels, comprising bars and dining rooms, are clad in Silestone. The impeccable Blanco Zeus colour is used on countertops and panelling to create an aesthetic of unbeatable beauty. The same tone has been chosen for the four-star hotel’s spectacular reception, as well as the various counters found in different locations around the two complexes.

Other Silestone colours with exquisitely dark finishes, such as Carbono and Negro Stellar, were also chosen to clad various surfaces in the interior of the two hotels.

Silestone is the perfect option for these particular applications thanks to some extraordinary characteristics, such as easy cleaning and daily maintenance, high resistance to impacts, and bespoke production.

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Cosentino materials used in this project

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Blanc Concrete


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