DKT1 System

Hidden mechanical fixing using undercut screws on the reverse side of the piece

Projects with complex cutting. Some highly complex façades include diverse formats in the same design. A flexible system is required that optimises the points of fixture of the material on the sub-structure and which responds to the important loads of each project.

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Inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration rom elegant Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton Velvet.

In the DKT1 system, according to the density of the fixings and minimum distances between perforations, a calculation is made of the individual forces to be absorbed by the material and the anchoring. Cylindrical perforation or undercut perforation achieve a clean and exact hole, where the peg and truncated cone-shaped screw work together in traction on the reverse side of the material.

The screw anchors to the profile, guaranteeing that the whole piece is fastened to the sub-structure. Dekton has this system certified for ventilated façades according to ETA 14/0413 and BBA 16/5346 for 12 mm and 20 mm thicknesses, although it can be used for other non-certified thicknesses.

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Detail 1. Vertical section

DKT1 System  - @1ximagen 2 1 35

Detail 2. Horizontal section

DKT1 System  - @1ximagen 3 1 37

Detail 3. Vertical section

DKT1 System  - @1ximagen 4 1 39

Detail 4. Horizontal section

1. Dekton | 2. Fixing clip | 3. Horizontal Profile | 4. Propelling screw | 5. Adjustable screw | 6. Self-Propelling screw | 7. Vertical Profile | 8. Separator 'L' | 9. Thermal Insulation | 10. Supporting Wall | 11. Keil Anchoring | 12. Rupture of thermal bridge | 13. Padding

DKT1 Projects

Dekton, thanks to its resistance to flexo-traction (≥45 N/mm2), responds perfectly to the needs of this ventilated system, where wind and seismic activity are critical agents in calculating and designing the enclosure.

Dekton also offers a multitude of possibilities for cutting, in large or small format, regular or irregular shapes, etc., making it the ideal material for highly sophisticated and demanding solutions.

Cap Ferrat | Hicksville Long Island | Porsche

DKT1 System  - Rectangle 2@1x 1 41
DKT1 System  - Rectangle Copy 43
DKT1 System  - Rectangle Copy 4@1x 1 45
DKT1 System  - Hicksville Long Island 2 47
DKT1 System  - Porsche 1 49

Do you need help with a project?

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Do you need help with a project?

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Other construction systems

DKT1 System  - 1 DKT 1 100 51


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DKT1 System  - DKB 57


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