Projects with horizontal hierarchy.

Mixed fixing (mechanical plus chemical) hidden in the groove by the reverse side of the piece

Sculptural projects with high formal value. For designs with contorting shapes or where complex different pieces meet, co-existing alongside inclined, horizontal or vertical pieces. It is essential to find a system that absorbs the whole technical and formal burden of the building, together with a sufficiently adaptable system for all of these configurations.

DKM System  - DKM INSIDE 31

Inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration rom elegant Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft touch which is the new Dekton Velvet.

DKM is a system of hybrid fixing (mechanical supported by chemical). It consists of two hanging profiles (upper and lower) that anchor the material chemically and mechanically using adhesive and an inclined or straight groove of a shorter or longer length on the back of the piece.

The resulting metallic piece incorporates a hook that is attached to the uprights of the sub-structure, ensuring the stability of the whole against heavy weights. Although it is possible to use different thicknesses, the most used is Dekton 12 mm due to its high versatility, manageability on site, lower weight and high mechanical resistance.

DKM System  - 11 33

Detail 1. Vertical section

DKM System  - 12 35

Detail 2. Horizontal section

DKM System  - 13 37

Detail 3. Vertical section

DKM System  - 14 39

Detail 4. Horizontal section

1. Dekton | 2. Upper Hanging Profile | 3. Lower Hanging Profile | 4. Horizontal Profile | 5. Vertical Profile | 6. Separator 'L' | 7. Self-Propelling Screw | 8. Mechanical Anchoring | 9. Thermal Insulation | 10. Supporting Wall

DKM Projects

Dekton responds very well under flexural stress from the traction exerted onto the material (≥45 N/mm2). In addition, it is extremely easy to work with for grooving on the back of the material (various angles of inclination,

different lengths of anchoring, etc.), which allows for special designs with personalised shapes or large formats that seek to boost the scale or colour of the shape.

Beyond the wall

DKM System  - Beyond the wall 41

Do you need help with a project?

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Do you need help with a project?

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Other construction systems

DKM System  - 1 DKT 1 100 43


Projects with complex cutting

DKM System  - 2 DKT 2 100 45


Projects with horizontal hierarchy.

DKM System  - 3 DKT 3 100 47


Projects designed to the last detail.

DKM System  - 4 DKT 4 100 49


Projects with modest resources.