Awards and Certifications

All the products and brands produced and marketed by Cosentino comply with international quality regulations for their use in home, office and outdoor space applications. This is also supported by more than fifteen international certifications that ensure the quality of their products, respect for health and the environment. Furthermore, Cosentino brands offer unique features that have made it worthy of dozens of national and international awards.

Our Certifications



The GreenGuard Environmental Institute (GEI). This guarantees that construction materials maintain air quality and can be used in closed spaces.


GreenGuard Gold

Cosentino also holds the GreenGuard Gold certification that ensures the safety of its materials for application in schools and health centres.



This certification, ratified by the FDA and the World Health Organization, recognises that Cosentino’s surfaces may be in direct contact with food without contaminating it.

Norma LGA

LGA Hygiene Test

The independent organisation, LGA QUALITEST GMBH, guarantees that the product has been created under proper hygiene conditions and in compliance with microbiological requirements.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

A standard that guarantees that the company manages the environmental risks associated with their business activity. Cosentino incorporates environmental management into its business model through policies such as the use of recycled material, a reduction in the amount of water for the production of materials and the use of 100% renewable energy in its factories.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

This is a standard that recognises Cosentino’s commitment to implementing measures to improve the quality of its products and customer satisfaction.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Cosentino was the first company in the quartz worktop sector to obtain this certificate, which carries out an analysis of the product’s life cycle, from its extraction to its disposal, to determine its environmental impact. The analysis brought to light the impact of 1,500 productive processes associated with the production of ECO, 200 raw materials, 230 air, 170 water and 120 soil emissions, in order to implement measures to ensure energy efficiency and waste reduction.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

A rating system developed by the US Green Building Council which promotes sustainable practices in construction and design. Points are awarded according to the fulfilment of objectives in five areas: environmental and human health, development of sustainable places, energetic efficiency, water consumption efficiency and the selection of materials with relation to the indoor environmental quality


Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

The ECO line by Silestone is one of the few quartz surfaces that has been awarded this certification that guarantees the use of 100% recycled and recyclable materials throughout the product’s entire life cycle.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Awarded in 2016 by The International EPD System after assessing the product’s life cycle and evaluating its low environmental impact in the phases of production, transport, installation, use and end of life.


GreenGuard Gold

Cosentino also holds the GreenGuard Gold certification that ensures the safety of its materials for application in schools and health centres.


UPEC Certified

Issued by France’s Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment [Scientific and Technical Centre for Building] (CSTB), which validated the Natural, Solid, Tech, Wild, XGloss Natural y XGloss Solid collections for their use on floors and for paving. Its resistance to wear and tear, perforation, water and chemical agents was evaluated.


Kosher Certification

Dekton worktops were recognised in Israel for their ease of cleaning, which enables you to prepare food on them using different ingredients without the risk of cross contamination, as required by the guidelines for Kosher cuisine.

Our Awards

2008 Alas Prize for International Trajectory

2011 Award for Corporate Trajectory in Andalusia, awarded by the Seville newspaper, ABC.

2013 – 2014 European Business Award in the Import/Export category

2015 Award for Financial Excellence on behalf of the Asociación Española de Financieros de Empresa [Spanish Association of Corporate Financiers]

2016 National Award for Innovation in the Internationalisation category, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competition

2016 Recognition by The Guardian awarded to Cosentino as one of Spain’s top six most innovative companies, for its commitment to the circular economy

2016 Home Depot Award for Best Provider

2016 Envision Award from the ISFA – International Surface Fabricators Association of the United States

2016 – 2017 Award for the Best Stand at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto, Canada

2017 Appointment by the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands of the President of the Cosentino Group, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, to Ambassador of Marca España in the Business Management category

2017 Darling Award (Germany), awarded to La Revista C in the Silver Architect’s category

2017 Agripina Award for Advertising, Marketing and Communication (Spain) in the category for best Advert, Advertising Photography and Website

2017 2017 EK&BBusiness Awards (United Kingdom): Award for the Advertising Campaign of the Year for Tops on Top

2017 – 2018 Award for the Best Stand at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto, Canada

2018 International Award for the Best Business Model organised by Development Systems

2009 Construmat Award for Technological Innovation

2009 Green Product Awards

2009 – 2010Bloom Awards, awarded by the American Society of Interior Designers

2009 Multi-Housing News Green Initiative Award

2009 EcoHome Editor’s Choice Awards

2009 Interiors & Services Reader’s Choice Awards

2010 KBB Review Industry Awards

2010 KB Culture Awards

2010 2010 Focus Open 2010 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award

2010 Irish Industry Awards

2010 European Design and Environment Award

2010 Innovation Awards from the magazine, Muy Interesante

2010 NAN Award in the Floors and Coatings category

2011 Recycling Award from the Government of Catalonia for the Best Material

2011 First company in the quartz worktops sector to obtain the Environmental Product Declaration

2013 Award for the greenest worktop by GreenBuilder magazine

2016 BKU Award (United Kingdom) in the Best Surface Brand category

2016 KBSA Award (United Kingdom) in the Display Support of the Year category

2017 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards (United Kingdom): First Award for Materials Innovation for the Silestone® Eternal collection

2016 Environmental Product Declaration

2016 Award for Materials Innovations in the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

2016 Inclusion on the list of the 100 Best Business Ideas in 2016 by the Spanish magazine, Actualidad Económica, in the Industrial Innovation category.

2016 Red Dot International Design Award (Germany) for Best Product Design, after competing against almost 5,200 products and innovations

2016 Platinum Award for the Product of 2016 in the ADEX – Awards for Design Excellence

2016 Outstanding Surface of the Year Award at the EK&BBusiness Awards

2016 Product of the Year by the Interior Design and Architectural Record magazines, United States

2016 Design and Innovation Award in the Materials category, awarded by the Expansión Fuera de Serie magazine

2017 The Spectra and Halo colours of the ultra-compact polished Dekton® XGloss surface were recognised in the Kitchen category of the Architectural Digest Great Design awards, organised by the North American magazine, Architectural Digest

2017 Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award in the Interior Surfaces and Materials section

2018 “The Best of KBIS 2018” Awards: Silver prize in the “Best Bathroom” category for the DeKauri project

2018 BID Award from Diseño y Empresa

2018 Best of Houzz Design Award from Houzz, awarded to Cosentino and Silestone®, USA

2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards from the Almería Council in the Large Companies category

2018 “Materials and Surfaces” Award, awarded by the German Design Council at the German Design Awards