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A Dekton façade to withstand Florida’s whimsical weather

By Jonathan Nehmer + Associates

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Kissimmee, Florida, USA






4,800 sq. ft.

Architecture / Design

Jonathan Nehmer + Associates, Inc.



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Dekton Odin, a unique look and feel of wood that stands the test of time

The Ette hotel is a newly built hotel in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. There are several Disney parks in the same city. As a result, the hotel welcomes thousands of tourists every year. This 126-room hotel attracts mainly families who, after their visits to the parks, make the pool area the center of the hotel’s social life.

Both the architect and the project developer were clear about the properties of the material to be used in the construction and the façade of the pool area. They wanted a finish with the texture of natural wood which, at the same time, would blend in with the façade. Furthermore, the material needed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy area, sudden changes in temperature and even possible damage in a hurricane-prone state like Florida. In addition to the technical specifications, design played a key role: both the architect and the developer wanted the look and feel of wood for its beauty and warmth.

Dekton Odin stood out from the start as a very interesting option: firstly, because of its extraordinary strength and hardness which, together with its hazelnut colour, perfect for the modern and functional style of the hotel, provided the desired combination of strength and design; and secondly, because it also met the necessary requirements for installation with the Elemex Ceramitex® Facade system.

A façade to withstand Florida’s humidity

Florida’s unique weather conditions demanded a façade with a PERS system. The Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System (PERS) is designed to retain moisture and prevent water from reaching the structural substrate. An air layer provides the necessary capillary force and ventilation to facilitate drainage and drying.

The PERS system also uses a joint system, known as infill strips, that reduces the amount of water penetrating the façade. Under balanced pressure conditions, water cannot penetrate the building structure.

Dekton is also the perfect partner for the Elemex Ceramitex® Facade system installed at the hotel. This integrated attachment technology allows the use of mitered corners on 90% of the façade.

Once again, Dekton has become a very interesting façade cladding, this time at the Ette Hotel, where it meets the highest technical requirements without sacrificing on design.

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“Dekton Odin’s wood-like finish, together with its ability to withstand the force of wind in a hurricane, were crucial in our choice”
Owen Blake

Owen Blake

Project Manager at Elemex Ceramitex® Facade system

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