Irina Dzhus Kiev, Ukraine

The garments by the designer Irina Dzhus, based in Kiev, reflect the contradiction between the ambitious retrofuturistic monuments and the non-descript apartment blocks that shape her surroundings.
DZHUS  - 00 Olga Nepravda 31

© Olga Nepravda

DZHUS is a womenswear brand founded in 2010 by the Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus. Avant-gardist but functional, the firm has earned international recognition for its innovative cut, its polyvalent character, and its commitment to being a cruelty-free brand. Totalitarium is one of her best-known collections. Its concept derives from the technocratic cult propagandized by the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century’s first half. The outfits feature austere silhouettes, technical textures, and a greyscale palette. The geometrical pleats interpret architectural elements of constructivism and totalitaristic classicism.
The garments are made of authentic working uniform cottons as well as fabrics typical of the era’s functional fashion, such as woollen knit and felt. Every outfit expresses juxtaposition between total unification and strong individuality, which is a distinguishing paradox of the post-modern fashion. Another of her collections, Corpus, is dedicated to anatomy as the starting point of the designs, and explores the possibilities of garments that mutate in multiple ways and interact with each other, in constant dialogue with the body.
DZHUS  - 1 Olga Nepravda 33

© Olga Nepravda

DZHUS  - Drawing 35

The Totalitarium collection evokes the textures and geometry of constructivist architecture, evoking the image of the female heroes of the working class glorified by utopian ideology.

DZHUS  - Collage 2 37

© Olga Nepravda

DZHUS  - Collage 39

© Pymin Davidof

Taking anatomy as starting point, Corpus studies the multiple options emerging from the interaction between the body and the garment, creating rhythmic textures and innovative patterns.

DZHUS  - 99 Pymin Davidof 41

© Pymin Davidof

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