Simple by Jean Nouvel
A prefabricated house
Paris, Francia
Jean Nouvel Design in exclusive collaboration with Revolution Precrafted presents “Simple,” an installation at FIAC as part of the Hors les Murs program. The architectural installation will be located in the Tuileries Garden.

The prefabricated home on view is a 6m x 6m modular one-bedroom shelter, produced as part of a limited edition series for Revolution Precrafted. “Simple” is designed and packaged off-site, delivered in a standard shipping container and easily assembled on-site for the fair._x005F_x000D_ The structure is comprised of lightweight aluminum exterior panels, a layer of thermally-efficient insulating foam and wooden interior lining. The design is customizable in size and layout, allowing for end-users to define the space to their liking with sliding interior windows and partitions. Sizes range from 36 square meters for a one- bedroom module to 144 square meters for a four-bedroom home. Collectors can also choose from a variety of interior finishes.

Simple by Jean Nouvel  - W8A5854 31
©Thomas Lannes
Simple by Jean Nouvel  - W8A5725 copyright Thomas Lannes 33
©Thomas Lannes
Simple by Jean Nouvel  - W8A5709 copyright Thomas Lannes 35
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Simple by Jean Nouvel  - W8A5585 copyright Thomas Lannes retouch2 37
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