Nendo: Flow
Milan Design Week 2017
Milan, Italy
Nendo designs a table that holds and contains at the same time. With this fluid design, the new colection of the japanese studio wants to show the doble functionality in furniture.

A table to hold something on top and a container to hold something within. Part of the tabletop appears to melt away and form a container below, as if it were completely oblivious to the table’s frame structure. 
The enigmatic pieces of furniture achieve a fluid fusion of functionality serving to hold something either on top or within.

Nendo: Flow  - flow sketch 31
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl01 akihiro yoshida 33
© Akihiro Yoshida
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl07 akihiro yoshida 35
© Akihiro Yoshida
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl06 akihiro yoshida 37
© Akihiro Yoshida
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl11 akihiro yoshida 39
© Akihiro Yoshida
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl17 akihiro yoshida 41
© Akihiro Yoshida
Nendo: Flow  - flow bowl12 akihiro yoshida 43
© Akihiro Yoshida

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