Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino
Milan Design Week 2017
Piazza Fontana 6, Milan, Italy
Created by the designer Daniel Germani for Cosentino and Riva 1920, ‘Madera Meets Dekton’ presents an architectural structure made of Dekton (in its ultrabright XGloss Spectra color) attached to two pieces of solid walnut wood.

Conceived in a timeless style, ‘Madera Meets Dekton’ is a unique sideboard or credenza more than 2.5 meters long, 0.7 high, and 0.46 wide. The furniture piece presents a Dekton structure (in the ultrabright black Spectra tone) attached to two solid pieces of walnut wood. 
The walnut wood worked by Riva 1920 comes from American reforestation zones, and its curvature is obtained through the use of cutting-edge machinery. Natural-based oils and waxes are applied to the wood as a finish. The result is testimony to all the research, innovation, and experimentation that is part of the DNA of Riva 1920. The assemblage of drawers integrated into the credenza is executed through the typical fitting method called dovetailing, whereby two complementary parts of pieces are joined by pressure.

Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino  - IMG 5116 31
© Miguel Galiano
Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino  - IMG 4548 33
Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino  - IMG 4551 35

Daniel Germani es el director creativo y fundador de Daniel Germani Designs. Nació y creció en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tras completar sus estudios como arquitecto, Daniel pasó ocho años viviendo y trabajando en Europa en diversos proyectos creativos y empresariales. Reside en Phoenix, Arizona, donde su trabajo está enfocado en el diseño de muebles personalizados y la renovación arquitectónica. La estética de Daniel está influenciada por Bauhaus, Oscar Neimeyer, Le Corbusier, Mies y Frank Lloyd Wright, y su filosofía es simple: el buen diseño siempre debe ser honesto e inspirador.

Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino  - Daniel Germani Madera Meets Dekton Cosentino City Milan Semana Diseño Milan 2017 37
Daniel Germani at Cosentino City Milan
Germani + Riva1920 + Cosentino  - MADERA MEETS DEKTON COMBINED 39

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