The star facade  - dummy 43

The star facade

The facade can become the standard and main part of the construction job as it’s the emblem of the urban space. To do so you’ll need a unique material.

The star facade  - Kap west 2 44
Kap West

Large scale

Dekton and glass are perfect materials to be used in large-scale projects with a certain rhythm in modulation, in which we look for pieces that are not noteworthy in and of themselves but which play well on an urban scale.

The star facade  - Nadal Academy 46
Nadal Academy

Unique, personalized colours

colour as an opportunity. The development of tonalities that are perfect for the façade and turn ideas into new realities.

There are no limits for those projects that require differentiation of materials or when a colour is needed but is not included in the palette.


Limitless shapes

Architectural plans with different inclinations and complex geometries bring materials to their limits. Not many can work under traction and compression in the face of inclement weather with low maintenance and still remain unchanged over time.

Beyond the wall

The star facade  - Gunni 2 49
Gunni Trentino

Sophistication and exclusivity

Spectacular shimmering colours, sophisticated cuts, wide joints creating patterns... always maintaining a perfect appearance. The properties of an ultra-compact material allow you to think without limits in order to have one-of-a-kind facades.

Do you need help with a project?

Do you need help with a project?

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