Dekton: Durable, resistant and versatile flooring

Choosing the right paving is essential. The demand for spaces with ample visual continuity and fluidity, and whose material does not lose its charm and remains unchanged over time increases every day. Dekton is the product that best meets all the needs of professionals.

Do you need help with a project?

Do you need help with a project?

Dekton is specially designed for application in exterior, interior and wet spaces

Its high-performance physical-mechanical characteristics allow the product to be applied with total safety and confidence in exterior, interior and wet spaces, such as swimming pools and spas.


All flooring is subjected to the abrasive dirt of the soles of shoes, which act on the surface, wearing it off depending on the traffic of people. When it comes to soft materials, superficially this will cause the shine to be lost, a change of tone to occur or the texture to vary.

Deep-Wear Resistance

High resistance to ultraviolet rays


Highly scratch-resistant


LEED Points

Dekton can receive different LEED points in different categories thanks to its: Environmental Product Declaration. Reflectance index depending on the colour. Sources of raw materials. Low emission material.

Maximum fire and heat-resistance


Resistance to thermal shock


The slip coefficient is key in flooring projects. This is usually regulated by local regulations. Dekton adapts to multiple uses and applications. For those who especially need to take care of this aspect, there is the Dekton Grip+ solution.

Mechanical resistance

Reduced water absorption

Dimensional stability

Resistance to fire, sun and freezing

Dekton has the best classification in terms of fire resistance: A1. UV rays do not deteriorate or change its colour, it remains unchanged over time. It is not affected by sudden changes in temperature as it is resistant to thermal shock.

Resistente al choque térmico según UNE EN ISO 10545-9

Para fachadas ventiladas, el material se sirve mallado con la clasificación A2 s1 d0.

Resistencia a los UV

Resistencia al rayado

Resistencia a las manchas

Flexural strength

When comparing Dekton with other common façade materials, according to the EN 14411 rule, we find that:

Dekton values higher than 45 N/mm2

Extruded Ceramic (A1b) min. > 18 N/mm2

Dry Pressed Ceramic (B1a)min.>32 N/mm2

Resistencia mecánica

Reducida absorción de agua

Estabilidad dimensional

Flexural strength

When comparing Dekton with other common façade materials, according to the EN 14411 rule, we find that:

Dekton values higher than 45 N/mm2

Extruded Ceramic (A1b) min. > 18 N/mm2

Dry Pressed Ceramic (B1a)min.>32 N/mm2

Resistencia mecánica

Reducida absorción de agua

Estabilidad dimensional

Design, installation and maintenance







Maintenance and Safety


Thanks to its dimensions of 3,200 x 1,440 mm, Dekton offers the possibility of producing the material in an infinite number of formats. Can be adapted for any required use.

Suggested formats, taking into account the total size of the table for maximum product use.










Choice of Dekton thicknesses: 8 mm / 12 mm / 20 mm

Private Areas/Pedestrian Use: In general, in private areas exclusively for pedestrian use, we can choose the thickness and design of the form freely and without restrictions.

Public spaces mainly for pedestrians: For public spaces that are mainly pedestrian or with occasional vehicles, the thicknesses of 1.2 cm and 2 cm are ideal, and may be free in the format. For 8 mm, we recommend the use of square formats, since it improves performance in the event of possible unevenness of the substrate.

Spaces with vehicular traffic: For spaces with vehicle traffic, even taking into account the calculation of loads required, our ideal thickness is 20 mm.










Swimming pool


Needs Validation

Bright Floor




The placement joints are an essential element for the quality, durability and good performance of the flooring.

It is recommended that you have a joint of 2 mm in interiors and 3 mm for exteriors, and always respect the structural and expansion joints, and the movement of the building.

The stability of the supports, the environmental conditions, the requirements for use and the properties of the selected grouts and sealing materials will be of great importance for the design of the joint.


Dekton is prepared to respond to all the irregular points of a floor.


Dekton can be manufactured in strips to create a skirting board that gives continuity to the surface, respecting the aesthetics of the floor and also providing the same technical characteristics and maintenance to this piece.

Exterior corners:

The corners must be designed taking into account the mechanical stresses to which they will be exposed. In general, it is advisable to round or reinforce the edge.

Home: For home stairs and low transit

Straight Edge

Bevelled Edge

Rounded Mitre

Businesses: For domestic staircases and low-traffic areas





The choice of adhesive is determined according to the placement, support and use, distinguishing between interior and exterior.

Summary of recommendations:

Generic adhesive according to EN-12004




Without mesh

With mesh


In order for Dekton to perform well, it is necessary for the material to be installed appropriately, following the steps found in our Large Format Facing Manual.

Having a correct support, choosing the necessary adhesive according to the application, respecting the joints and a correct placement and installation of the pieces are the key points for the material to shine indefinitely.


Dekton is an ideal material for flooring due to the low maintenance required. After performing the final cleaning, which is necessary to eliminate waste from the installation and which requires specific products, daily maintenance can easily be carried out whether dry or wet. If you have any questions, please consult the Dekton Cleaning and Maintenance Manual for flooring. For our Grip+ treatment we have developed a specific cleaning and maintenance manual.


It is necessary to know the necessary safety rules in case of handling and preparation of the product, for which we recommend downloading the fact sheets and the manual.

Maintenance Manual

Safety Information

Dekton Grip+ Maintenance

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