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Cosentino: Leading brands in architecture and design

At Cosentino, we meet all the needs of architecture and design professionals. From natural stone to ultra-compact surfaces, the Cosentino catalogue is your ally for producing benchtops, coatings, façades and paving, with warranties of up to 25 years:

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Silestone represents beauty and elegance and is available in a huge range of colours

Silestone is our leading brand. A product made from more than 90% quartz, delivering both beauty and superior durability. This is why it is perfect for use in interior applications such as benchtops, cladding, sinks, shower trays and flooring.

Silestone can be found in more than 90 colours and comes in 2 slab sizes (306 x 140cm and 325 x 159cm). Resistant to liquids and scratches, it boasts a special surface treatment thanks to N-BOOST technology, which facilitates cleaning, maintenance and shine.

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Dekton equals durability and resistance for all applications

Dekton is the ideal ultra-compact surface for coating all types of surfaces, a result of the company’s constant efforts in innovation. It is produced from an exclusive particle sintering process: elements such as porcelain, glass and quartz are combined to create a highly-resistant and practically non-porous material.

Its durability, resistance to scratches, stains, thermal shock and ultra-violet rays make it an unparalleled product for both interiors and exteriors. Available in more than 50 colours and large slabs measuring up to 3,200 x 1,440mm, with thicknesses of 4mm to 30mm.

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Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

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Sensa is a naturally stain-resistant stone

It features a selection of natural stone in exotic designs extracted from Brazil and India, caused by natural sedimentation over thousands of years. Unlike traditional natural stone, Sensa has an exclusive anti-stain protection that prevents liquids from penetrating the surface, making it perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

With a minimum dimension of 2.5 x 1.5 cm, this surface is resistant to scratches and thermal shock, easy to clean and it is certified for contact with food, making it suitable for kitchen benchtops.

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Natural Stone is unique and irreplaceable

Natural Stone by Cosentino brings together a wide selection of natural stones: marble, granite, limestone and travertine. They are resistant to heat and ultra-violet rays, meaning they retain their colour and are very long-lasting. They are available in 200 colours and their primary usage is for bathroom coatings, areas with heavy foot traffic and façades.

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