The Wild Side
Wilder Mann. Charles Fréger
The book Wilder Mann (Kehrer, 2012) gathers the portraits by French photographer Charles Fréger (1975), taken during his search for the mythological figure of the wild man in pagan european rituals.

The transformation of man into beast is the central theme of these traditional rituals that over the centuries and across frontiers have celebrated the change of seasons, fertility, life and death. To complete this photographic series, Fréger traveled, for more than three years, around eighteen countries in Europe, studying these rituals in the different carnival or Advent traditions. With masks, bells, plants or remains (elements such as horns, skins and bones), these costumes represent animals like billy goats, bears or wild boars, and symbols like death or even the devil.

The Wild Side  - CF021662 31
Babugeri from Bansko (Bulgaria)
The Wild Side  - CF021735 33
Babugeri from Bansko 2 (Bulgaria)
The Wild Side  - CF024701a 35
Certi from Nedasov (Czech Republic)
The Wild Side  - 19 01 37
Strohmann from Leipferdingen (Germany)
The Wild Side  - CF009476 1 39
Perchta from Werfen (Austria)

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