'Cyl' Office System
Bouroullec for Vitra
The brothers Ronan (born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (born 1976), design this new office System for Vitra, in another excellent collaboration with the brand from Switzerland. These furniture allows multiple combinations with a single and elegant knot.

Cyl was originally conceived for the home as a table programme, but soon we sensed the potential to turn it into a system with a larger range of typologies. It was an important step to realise that its domestic qualities are interesting in the office landscape. We think the simplicity of Cyl responds to a demand for clarity and fosters a welcoming atmosphere in the office world.

'Cyl' Office System  - f2132 erb 2016 vitra cyl 01 hdf 31
©Studio Bouroullec
'Cyl' Office System  - f2146 erb 2016 vitra cyl 09 hdf 33
©Studio Bouroullec
'Cyl' Office System  - f2144 erb 2016 vitra cyl 10 hdf 35
©Studio Bouroullec
'Cyl' Office System  - f2142 erb 2016 vitra cyl 03 hdf 37
©Studio Bouroullec

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