Valerio Olgiati
Miami, USA

Creating a virtual world through the poetic use of materials was Valerio Olgiati’s intention in designing this flagship store in the city of Miami for the French high-end fashion brand Céline.
Such virtuality has to do with the manipulation of the space, which the practice of the Swiss architect has distributed in two distinct areas connected by a pitched stairway of sculptural nature: an upper level for shoes, handbags, and ready-to-wear clothes; and a lower floor configured as a showroom, with pyramidal forms and pillars that suggest the idea of a canopy.

In order to create this introverted virtual world, much has been made to depend on the atmosphere produced by the extensive use of the dominant material: marble. From the pillars to the pedestals by way of the walls and floors, all the architectural elements of the shop are clad in a slightly polished stone that spreads
all over like an abstract beige carpet. Plaques of very lightly veined sky-blue Brazilian marble are embedded in it, as
in a mosaic of large pieces or a work of marquetry executed in stone. The same sheets clad walls and ceilings. The result is a geometric bichromie that is perceived as sophisticated but also a bit unsettling.

Céline  - 01 31
© Mikael Olsson
Céline  - 04 33
© Mikael Olsson
Céline  - 2.1 35
© Mikael Olsson
Céline  - 2.2 37
© Mikael Olsson
Céline  - 6 planos 39

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