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Development of turn-key projects

We build natural stone projects to suit every need and context, from large-scale exterior surfaces and busy urban environments to domestic interiors with their own personality to express.

Remarkable homes and buildings

The wide variety of natural stones we use allows us to carry out custom projects and create homes that meet the tastes and requirements of every client.

We produce floors in any colour and design, limestone staircases, chimneys with weathered finishes, fountains and columns with hand-crafted custom details. We can even create classic residences, taking the luxurious villas of Pompeii as inspiration and giving them a modern twist.

Commercial and leisure spaces

By their nature, large-scale commercial and leisure spaces require materials that can withstand huge volumes of foot traffic.

Our natural stone combines elegance, design and functionality to create interiors that are ideally suited towards luxury hotels, galleries and shopping centres and the large numbers of visitors they welcome.

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

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Museums and cultural centres

For museum spaces, particular care must be taken when it comes to choosing architectural materials, which should enhance the sensations created by the works of art on public display.

Inside and out, natural stone can be used to create inspiring designs that complement the visitor’s experience at cultural venues such as these.

Religious art

The imagery of religion forms a special harmony with natural stone, in which art, tradition, culture and craftsmanship combine.

Although the choice of colours and materials is important when creating a place for worship and all its iconography, the experience and care of the craftsmanship are essential to achieve impactful results.

Public spaces

Urban environments offer exceptional opportunities and challenges. Ornamental spaces or those designed for leisure and walking must be adaptable to weather conditions, which put the durability of natural stone to the test.

For these projects, larger pieces are particularly important and present challenges for installation, which we can meet thanks to our decades of experience in this sector.