Andrés Jaque/ Office por Political Innovation
Móstoles, Madrid
How an obsolete space can adapt to new realities through spatial, material, and aesthetic reconfiguration.

The Dos de Mayo Art Center may have at first met all the requirements for correct functioning, but ten years after it opened, the Office for Political Innovation has focused efforts on reviewing its performance from both a material and a social angle. An exhibition center is conceived to appeal to people, to offer visitors spaces in which to interact. Thanks to the museum’s becoming part of the Arco Foundation, the institution has been able to carry out an intervention, and thus prevent a demolition that was imminent. The first part of the project can now already be visited. 

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© Office for Political Innovation
RESET CA2M  - 38 06 33
© Office for Political Innovation
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RESET CA2M  - 30 08 37
RESET CA2M  - 22 09 39
RESET CA2M  - 40 10 41
RESET CA2M  - 28 11 43
RESET CA2M  - 00 portada2 45
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