Conmemorative columns Barcelona Pavilion
Luis Martínez Santa-María and Roger Sauquet Llonch
Barcelona, Spain
Eight columns have won the 2017 COAM/Luis M.Mansilla Award. Eight vertical lines set against the horizontality of Mies van der Rohe´s Barcelona Pavilion

Building close to one of the iconic works of modern architecture on a limited budget is both a privilege and a problem, requiring a high degree of sensitivity. The architects commissioned for the project opted for a very personal interpretation of the pavilion’s columns on the one hand, and of neoclassical columns on the other. The former want to disappear in the structure, whereas the latter stand upright before the world, almost wishing to take off from the ground. The proposal is for eight columns whose drums are worn out and welded together, as if to draw attention to all the waste around us in cities.The materials have the same intention: lacquered steel with a patina and a mix of unrepeatable colors, obtained only through the passage of time.

Conmemorative columns Barcelona Pavilion  - 75 01 31
© Ana Matos
Conmemorative columns Barcelona Pavilion  - 63 02 33
© Anna Mas
Conmemorative columns Barcelona Pavilion  - 70 03 35
© Anna Mas

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