BIG's Triangle in NY
VIA West 57th Street
Nueva York
The latest work in New York by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels proposes an innovative architectural type that combines the city’s high-rise construction with the compactness of housing blocks in Europe.

Rising on the banks of the Hudson River, 625 West 57th Street is a hybrid between a European courtyard building and a New York skyscraper. Through its triangular section, the design combines the advantages of both: the compactness of the courtyard typology makes for density, privacy, and security, and the tallness of the tower provides broad views and a slender silhouette. Keeping three of the corners at ground level and raising the fourth to a height of 142 meters creates a powerful visual connection between the court and the river, letting natural light into the interior spaces and graciously preserving the adjacent Helena Tower’s views of the river. The form of the building shifts depending on the viewer’s vantage point. While appearing like a pyramid from the West-Side-Highway, it turns into a dramatic glass spire from West 58th Street. _x005F_x000D_ The courtyard, which is inspired by the classic urban oasis of Copenhagen (the architect’s home town), can be seen from the street and serves to extend the adjacent greenery of the Hudson River Park into VIA. The striking roof presents a checkered slope with rectangular holes which are terraces of varying size, all of them facing south. Each condominium has a cantilevering window that increases the amount of incoming daylight and enhances the already generous views over the river. In addition, all the apartment units are provided with one or more balconies, encouraging interaction between residents and passers-by.

BIG's Triangle in NY  - W57 16 08 BIG 2331 31
BIG. VIA West 57th Street. ©Iwan Baan
BIG's Triangle in NY  - VIA Diagram by BIG 01 33
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BIG's Triangle in NY  - 06 NU 35
BIG's Triangle in NY  - 45 37
©Fernando Alda
BIG's Triangle in NY  - 73 39
©Fernando Alda
BIG's Triangle in NY  - W57 16 08 BIG 4643 41
©Iwan Baan
BIG's Triangle in NY  - W57 16 08 BIG 4680 43
©Iwan Baan
BIG's Triangle in NY  - W57 16 08 BIG 3966 ok 45
©Iwan Baan
BIG's Triangle in NY  - W57 16 08 BIG 3771 47
©Iwan Baan

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