New feature on eCosentino

Your project is unique. So is your natural stone.

On eCosentino, you can now choose the exact slab you want with the veining you’re looking for. From the screen to your warehouse.

Natural Stone from Cosentino  - tablas 31

Every slab is unique: choose the right one for you

Nature is unpredictable: every Natural Stone slab is unique and now you can choose the exact piece that’ll arrive on your order, thanks to a new system introduced by Cosentino


Search the catalogue

Explore Cosentino’s selection of Natural Stone and customise your search using specific filters

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Choose your exact slab

We photograph every slab so that you can pick the one that best suits your project

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Receive your chosen slab

After you choose the exact slab, it’ll be delivered to your premises within a short period of time

Why is every slab unique?

We choose the best natural stone from around the world, then we prepare, photograph and label it, so all you need to do is fall in love with it, order it and wait for it to arrive


Choose your natural stone slab now

Once you’ve decided on the right stone, you won’t want any other. At eCosentino, your slab is unique