Cosentino Case Study

DKTN, the star of the renovated patisserie Glea in Murcia

By Alexia Martínez and Pedro Francisco

Patisserie Glea  - Pasteleria Glea 10 51


Murcia, Spain


Interior design by Alexia Martínez and architecture by Pedro Francisco




Kreta | Kelya | Bergen


Flooring, table cladding and display counter

A fresh new look for a classic style establishment

The patisserie Glea, run by the young chef Abel Bravo and located in the historic centre of Murcia, first opened its doors in November 2020. It is housed in a traditional establishment, at number 4 Barrionuevo Street, and sells innovative and distinctive sweet treats, with a focus on fresh ingredients.

Although the establishment is housed in a classic style building, its renovation conveys innovation and modernity, in line with the values of the new patisserie. For this, interior designer Alexia Martínez, together with architect Pedro Francisco, has relied on DKTN for the renovation process.

For the flooring, the chosen material was DKTN Kreta, from the Industrial collection. Inspired by polished concrete, DKTN Kreta evokes a seamless effect, making it perfect for use as a base colour to be combined with bold finishes. For the tables, the interior designer has opted for DKTN Kelya, a material inspired by dark marble which features light veins and creates a very unique atmosphere.

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“Working with a material such as DKTN has helped us to give character to the space, adding quality and a distinctive touch”
Alexia Martínez

Alexia Martínez

Interior Designer

Impressive display counter in DKTN Bergen

The focal point of this establishment is undoubtedly its large display counter designed as if it were a monolithic totem. This starring effect is achieved in two ways: firstly, by placing the finest sweets in Murcia within easy reach; secondly, by choosing a material with a strong visual presence and character such as DKTN Bergen.

DKTN Bergen is part of the DKTN Stonika collection. Inspired by natural Portobello stone, it is reminiscent of Greek sculptures, with marked greyish veins on an off-white base. When used on the display counter, it greatly enhances the presentation of products, elevating the sweets to the status of almost divine delicacies.

Interestingly, the name of the patisserie, Glea, means “land” in Murcian Spanish, an allusion to the importance of using local ingredients and products. This philosophy fits perfectly with that of DKTN by Cosentino, committed to sustainability and certified as a carbon neutral product for its entire life cycle.

Cosentinos Materialien, die in diesem Projekt verwendet werden

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