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Eternal Calacatta Gold




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Sustainable comfort

In December 2019, the world known hotel chain HILTON opened a new property in Poland, the first “Hilton Resort” hotel in the country. It is also the first Hilton chain facility in Poland built in accordance with LEED ecological certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The property offers its guests a unique hospitality experience with direct neighborhood of wide natural beach and magnificent views of the Baltic Sea. Guests can choose from 173 luxury rooms and suites, each with a private balcony. At their disposal, they have a wide selection of services, including variety of restaurants, bars, SPA as well as access to recreational facilities – Baltic Park Molo Aquapark.

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Eternal Calacatta Gold for a luxury interior design

„Das Design ist eng mit dem Umweltkontext des Hotels verbunden. Das Aussehen des Gebäudes und seiner Innenräume ist eindeutig vom Meer inspiriert. Die Räume werden von abgerundeten, gewellten Formen und natürlichen Farben der Erde und der Meeresflora dominiert. Diese konsistenten und dennoch faszinierenden Formen, Farben und Texturen, die auf dem gesamten Grundstück verwendet werden, schaffen ein Gefühl von Komfort und ermöglichen eine mehrdimensionale Wahrnehmung von Räumen.“ – erwähnt Łukasz Pisarek, Leitender Architekt von Zdrojowa Invest.

Decorated with highest attention to details, Hilton Resort & SPA represents a perfect place for those who enjoy a moment of relaxation while surrounded by art and world class design. In order to ensure a feeling of luxury and highest quality, multiple surfaces in the hotel have been embellished by Silestone by Cosentino quartz conglomerate in one of its most elegant patterns – Eternal Calacatta Gold. Almost 700 m2 have been covered with this material, which, used in a wide variety of applications and combined with graceful textures and warm tones of wood, created a blend of ultra-stylish interiors across the entire building.

Surfaces that strike with subtle details

What cannot remain unnoticed is an extraordinary fabrication method of the Silestone surface. Following the main design idea, majority of the structures in Hilton are of curved, wave-like form. These organic shapes have been enfolded by the gold-veined quartz conglomerate, creating an astonishing effect that plays with light and volume.

“Eternal Calacatta Gold is a beautiful and impressive texture. Silestone’s quality could be seen, for example, in the rounded elements that had to be fabricated with highest precision and attention to details. Its production is very similar to work with natural stone – it allows you to freely finish the edges whilst keeping the original design of the material.” – says Dariusz Drzewiecki, Project Managerf of Cloon, fabrication company responsible for preparation of stone surfaces for the hotel

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Ideale Farben für jede Situation

Silestone with white background and delicate greyish veins played an important role in defining the atmosphere of the interiors. It was selected for multiple applications, from bathroom countertops in rooms and toilets, surfaces covering bars, buffets, and reception desk, to exclusive finishes of coffee tables or vertical panels. Thanks to use of this white and elegant material, even the most monumental structures present in the public spaces of the property are perceived as illuminated and subtle.

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„Eternal Calacatta Gold ist eine schöne und beeindruckende Textur“
Łukasz Pisarek

Łukasz Pisarek

Leitender Architekt von Zdrojowa Invest

Beauty and resistance

Not without a reason Silestone was the material of choice for the work surfaces in the hotel.

„Project had to fulfill the highest aesthetic requirements and, at the same time, ensure the best durability of implemented solutions and products. In order to achieve that, all material proposals were verified by contractors after the design stage. As a result of this process, some finishes originally designed in natural stone were replaced by Silestone, particularly due to its properties and resistance to external factors.” – Łukasz Pisarek adds.

Hotelbuffets, Badezimmerplatten oder Möbel in einem Wellnessstudio werden äußerst intensiv genutzt. Diese Strukturen erfordern ein sehr strapazierfähiges Produkt, das gegen äußere Faktoren wie Lebensmittel, Flüssigkeiten oder chemische Substanzen beständig ist, die empfindlichere Oberflächen leicht beschädigen können. Mit Silestone wird das Interieur des Hilton sicherlich jahrelang seine Schönheit bewahren.

Cosentino’s materials used in this project


Eternal Calacatta Gold


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