Venice Biennale
Spanish Pavilion. Photographic Series
Venecia, Italia
Seven Photographic Series

Awarded with the Golden Lion for the Best National Participation, the Spanish Pavilion, under the title ‘Unfinished’, has become one of the main features at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, on view until November 2016. The photography installation has become one of the most iconic images of the show: the seven photographic series set up on seven parallel panels that hang from the ceiling invite to reflect on the economic crisis the country has suffered, helping to contextualize the works on display in the remaining halls of the pavilion.

Venice Biennale  - 16 01 31
‘Architecture and Resistance’. ©Nicolás Combarro
Venice Biennale  - 02a 33
‘Architecture and Resistance’. ©Nicolás Combarro

The series ‘Architecture and Resistance’ by Nicolás Combarro shows buildings where structural logic is mixed with cultural heritage, giving them a character independent from social, economic, _x005F_x000D_ and political factors.
_x005F_x000D_ The photographs by Iñaki Bergera reflect the state of decay of a parking garage that was never completed and finally abandoned when the crisis hit, stressing the contrast between architecture and ruin._x005F_x000D_

Venice Biennale  - 12 04 35
'Spanish Dream'. ©Cadelas Verdes
Venice Biennale  - 05a 37
'Spanish Dream'. ©Cadelas Verdes
Venice Biennale  - 05b 39
'Spanish Dream'. ©Cadelas Verdes

The collective Cadelas Verdes presents ‘Spanish Dream,’ a photographic project that reflects on the real estate crisis and on the obsessive yearn for property, which has devalued the concept and sense of inhabiting.
_x005F_x000D_ The striking photographic series titled ‘Landscape under Construction,’ by Alfonso Batalla, portrays neglected urban stages, and ponders on their state through the digital insertion of elements with full functional capacity.
_x005F_x000D_ The group Nación Rotonda works in the creation of an inventory of satellite images _x005F_x000D_ of urban residential projects in different development phases, illustrating how land is wastefully consumed.

Venice Biennale  - 10 07 41
Nación Rotonda
Venice Biennale  - 09a 43
'Landscapes under 30'. ©Miguel Galiano

In ‘Landscapes under 30’_x005F_x000D_ Miguel Fernández-Galiano_x005F_x000D_ documents the processes of transformation in several houses, which have become learning laboratories for young architects who have stayed in Spain during the crisis.
_x005F_x000D_ In ‘Re-edificatoria’ Adrià Goula explores works that are reactivated years after they were first begun, and how two moments, two architects, and different construction techniques converge and coexist in such circumstances.

Venice Biennale  - 14 03 45
©Iñaki Bergera

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