A Flexible Equipped Surface, with a simple construction, fashioned from DKTN by Cosentino.

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They shape our sense of space, sustain and support – yet walls tend to remain largely ignored. But ‘The Wall’ is different: this system can be designed on an individual and flexible basis and offers more functions than a Swiss army knife. “We wanted to create a beautiful, multi-functional product that is at the same time extremely easy to install – like the Plug & Play feature of an iPhone,” says Johannes Falk, manager of Orea, the Zurich-based designer kitchen manufacturer which has created the innovative product. Indeed, Orea had to learn the same lesson as Steve Jobs: simple can be harder than complex. But all the effort has paid off. Shortly after its launch in 2019, ‘The Wall’ received the highest accolade at the Red Dot Award.

With a simple construction, clear language and versatile adjustment possibilities, the base is made of a lightweight yet torsion-resistant preformed aluminum frame system. Rails are then added with a fourphase power supply, and electrical accessories and lighting devices such as LED lamps can thus be positioned at any point of the wall. The wall surface can be fashioned from a variety of materials and, a recent addition, DKTN by Cosentino, an ultracompact surface available in more than 50 designs and in thicknesses of 4 to 12 mm that can also be used in large formats up to 3.2 m. “It’s a product that fires the imagination”, says Falk. “As with the iPhone, the simple individualization and diversity of the applications of ‘The Wall’ allow the concept of walls to grow exponentially.”

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Orea’s patented rail system features a fourphased power supply and 24 volts so that accessories such as LED lights, charging stations or Bluetooth speakers can be positioned at any point of the wall.

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