Madrid Design Festival 2020
Cosentino City Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Madrid Design Festival is an event that makes Madrid the world’s design capital every February. Different artistic fields mix to create a contemporary, innovative format attractive to both local and international audiences.

In line with the festival program, several activities were planned for Cosentino City Madrid:

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Ron Arad This a prestigious Israeli designer and architect devoted to creative innovation carries out few architectural projects, but when he chooses to execute one, he puts his whole heart into it, as in his latest work, completed in 2019: the ToHa in Tel Aviv. Here he limited the built area to street level, creating a large park that does much to improve the civic quality of the place. The building uses more than 28,000 m2 of Dekton® by Cosentino for the cladding of facades, elevators, floors, ceilings, and interior partitions, and Arad came to the Spanish capital to speak on the project and give a run-through of his professional career.

For more information on the ToHa tower, click Here.
We also interviewed Ron Arad.

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© Pablo García Ibáñez
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Room 2030 Room 2030 came onto the scene in 2014 through the union of several firms involved in innovation and technology. In 2018, Hotel NH Collection Palacio de Avilés proposed a laboratory with sustainable cutting-edge technology facilities: ‘The Room of the Future’. It was installed at the Niemeyer Center in Áviles, and Baragaño Architects carried out the project, incorporating the contributions of each of the firms, among them Cosentino. The architect Sergio Baragaño, Marisa Santamaría of RED, and Carlos Cuadros of the Niemeyer Center came to Cosentino City Madrid to discuss the project.

Madrid Design Festival 2020  - Sergio Baragano 1920 37
Madrid Design Festival 2020  - arquitectura y empresa room 2030 03 39

‘From Poetics to Design’, Eugeni Quitllet One of the most talented creators of his generation, Eugeni Quitllet was named Designer of the Year in 2016 by Maison&Object. In a play of words, combining diseñador (designer) and soñador (dreamer), he defines himself as a disoñador. He looked back on his career, discussed sustainable design and Cosentino, and reminisced on iconic works like the chairs Masters (in collaboration with Philippe Starck), Tube for Mobles 114, and Dream’AIR, the Light Air lamp, and his Dream Tools and Din-Amic series.

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CTOP Restaurants Aponiente, El Invernadero, Somni, Mugaritz, Dani García, De Librije, Disfrutar, DiverXO, and DSTAgE are nine Michelin star restaurants that have relied on Cosentino materials to create a world of experiences where the dreams of chefs have come true through creativity, functionality, design, and innovation. All this is presented in a book that is not about gastronomy nor about architecture, but takes us on a new kind of journey into the talent of architects and chefs: CTPO Restaurants.
The book C-Top Restaurants offers a different sort of tour through the spaces and genius of the chefs of Aponiente, El Invernadero, Somni, Mugaritz, Dani García, De Librije, Disfrutar, DiverXO, DSTAgE.
It shows how the architects and interior designers of these nine restaurants have created an experiential world where chefs’ dreams come true through a combinatioon of creativity, functionality, design, and innovation. The architects Juli Capella (Somni) and Basilio Iglesias (Aponiente) and the interior designer Natalia Casco (El Invernadero) presented the keys to understanding these innovative spaces.

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Santiago Alfonso: “Over the years we have been lucky to be able to work with some of the world’s leading chefs, who have let us take part in their gastronomy projects through our know-how on cutting-edge surfaces. In many cases we have hand in hand with them developed innovative materials and solutions that are now starting to appear in home kitchens. We wish to thank these great chefs, and also the architects and interior designers who have participated in their projects and resorted to Cosentino products for the design of those spaces. This publication is our way of expressing our gratitude. At the same time, we would like the book to be a source of creative inspiration, gastronomical and otherwise.”

‘Layers in Time’, Emilio Gil A pioneer in the design world and winner of the Gold Medal for Fine Arts in 2015, Emilio Gil combines a graphic design practice with teaching, history, writing, and art. The Cosentino City Madrid showroom presented ‘Layers in Time’, which after a reflection on aspects of the profession, showed works done in the collage technique from the viewpoint of the graphic designer. The exhibition is of interest because it presents a creative process that is free of the impositions of a commission, and does not depend on any relationship with a client. A project with no starting conditions yields results which, though connected to the resources available and to the language of graphic design, are not dependent on it, neither in terms of objectives nor in terms of creative processes.
We conversed with Emilio Gil and one of his guests, the reputed Spanish architect José Seguí. 

Madrid Design Festival 2020  - Emilio Gil a 1920 49
Madrid Design Festival 2020  - Captura 624 51

Master class of María Villalón This young interior designer whose studio is in Madrid avoids trends to instead pursue timelessness in her works. In 2018 she decorated Mirazur, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant originally located in the French Riviera, in the temporary transfer to Hotel NH Collection Eurobuilding in Madrid, thanks to the In Residence project. Here she pursued a natural look, using vegetation in dark tones and a Dekton® by Cosentino cladding. Accompanied by Teresa Hurtado of her technical department and Rebeka Nemeth, in charge of projects, she came to the Madrid Design Festival to speak on her latest works.

Madrid Design Festival 2020  - Captura 2 1920 53
Madrid Design Festival 2020  - Mirazur espacio dekton2 624 55
Madrid Design Festival 2020  - MG 2254 57
© Miguel Galiano

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