Luum Temple
CO-LAB Design Office
Tulum, Mexico
Located in Tulum (Mexico), in a quiet natural setting surrounded by jungle and reachable only by walking, Luum Temple is an ideal place for reflection and introspection.

In recent years Tulum has become a popular destination for people looking for nature and relaxation, and plans for a private development called Luum Zam have come into being not only to accommodate  this kind of tourism, but also to ensure that 50% of the area’s native vegetation is preserved, and that part of the region is reforested. Luum Temple thus rises as a space intended for meditation or yoga.

With parametric softwar, the architects designed a roof formed by 5 hyperbolas in a radial arrangement. The main material is bamboo, a leading resource in sustainable building because of the plant’s fast growth and harvest cycle. For the project, it was farmed in the nearby Chiapas region. The main arches are covered with a triangular pattern followed by two layers of structural fabric. The arches and the structural fabric were executed with bamboo.

All in all, the project seeks to “raise awareness for more sustainable ways of developing in the delicate ecology of Tulum and beyond.”

© Pakal Egger / Tonatiuh Egger 
Luum Temple  - 1 3.0 33
© Co-lab Design office 
Luum Temple  - 9 4.1 35
© César Béjar
Luum Temple  - 21 4.2 37
© César Béjar
Luum Temple  - 24 5 39
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Luum Temple  - 34 6 41
© César Béjar
Luum Temple  - 16 7.1 43
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Luum Temple  - 16 7.2 45
© César Béjar
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© César Béjar

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