Lagasca 99
Natural Stone by Cosentino in Madrid – Rafael de la Hoz
Madrid, Spain

Lagasca 99 is a new residential building located in the Salamanca district of the city of Madrid. Through the material quality of its facade, the design manages to subtly reflect what happens behind. The facades consist of bands of glass, stone, and wood paired with the different spaces of the apartment (living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, respectively). The glass surfaces reinterpret the classical glazed balconies that can be seen in the buildings around it, and are fit out with a double skin that includes blinds to protect the interiors by offering privacy and temperature control. The rest of the facade is articulated by means of another architectural element found in the context: vertical windows. Over the first transparent enclosure, a second layer formed by large shafts adds dynamism and monumentality.

The 330 pieces of solid travertine – weighing 2,200 kilograms each – are of Piedra Natural by Cosentino, and were selected and carved in Almería first and then moved to the site in Madrid. Both the position and the shape of these louvers were carefully studied to guarantee protection, opacity, and privacy, and to build an enclosure that achieves high thermal efficiency and environmental performance. Indoors, Dekton Kelya is the surface chosen for the service kitchens, and Silestone Blanco Zeus is used in the main kitchens. In the communal areas, floors, claddings, and staircases are also finished with Piedra Natural by Cosentino.

Lagasca 99  - 59 01 31
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 22 2.1 33
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 19 2.2 35
Lagasca 99  - 53 03 37
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 17 4.1 39
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 18 4.2 41
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 6 43
Lagasca 99  - 7 planos 45
Lagasca 99  - 17 8.1 47
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro
Lagasca 99  - 73 99 49
© Alfonso Quiroga Ferro

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