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A haute couture design for a shopping mall

MYS Architects

Ramat Aviv Mall  - halperin 8 large 4 scaled 51


Tel Aviv, Israel




Gada I Domoos


8,000 m2


MYS Architects



End date



8 mm

A refurbishment inspired by fashion

A fashion landmark and meeting point in the city of Tel Aviv, the Ramat Aviv Mall offers a unique shopping experience with a wide range of shops, restaurants and cultural activities. Inside, there are shops of major fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera or Rolex, which attract large numbers of shoppers every day. Faced with the need to refurbish the floor of the common areas, MYS Architects had the challenge of not altering their special character and, at the same time, minimising the impact on traffic, as the works had to be carried out while regular activity was taking place.

Its original design – created by the same studio and inspired by Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II in Milan – has been fully preserved in the renovation. The sophisticated atmosphere that contextualises the world of fashion and haute couture has been maintained through the use of natural materials in warm tones, such as wood, brass and Dekton, which reproduces the texture and colour of stone.

Classic design with contemporary materials

Among the various architectural elements of the shopping mall are the corridors with curved false ceilings, which provide a geometrical balance. The floor tiles were replaced by large slabs of Dekton Gada, a very natural colour inspired by quartzite, which adds a very elegant touch to the spaces. Domoos graphite black details finish off this refined and sober look. ‘Between the Dekton slabs we integrated brass trims and in the squares we created a special geometric pattern defining the meeting point of the space,’ explains Zehavit Simovitch Liberman, architect at MYS Architects.

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‘In technical terms, Dekton slabs were a good solution for a quick glue application on the existing floor.’
Zehavit Simovitch Liberman

Zehavit Simovitch Liberman

Architect at MYS Architects

Technical advantages

‘In technical terms, the 8 mm Dekton slabs in 144 x 320 cm format were a good solution for a quick glue application on the existing floor,’ says the architect, adding that this made it possible to speed up the work during night-time construction works. ‘The thickness of the Dekton slab, combined with its strength, allowed us to make minimal adaptations between the shops and the public spaces,’ she concludes.

Cosentinos Materialien, die in diesem Projekt verwendet werden




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