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An explosion of textures in this Turkish home

Damla Eryilmaz Ersoy – E&E MIMARLIK

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Ankara, Turkey




Khalo, Liquid Sky, Aura 15, Laurent, Galema, Domoos


432 m2


Damla Eryilmaz Ersoy – E&E MIMARLIK


Flooring, kitchen and bathroom worktops, TV unit

End date



8 mm, 20 mm, 12 mm

Richness of materials and textures

This 400 square metre home in Ankara, Turkey, features an exotic combination of textures and materials with lots of customisation. Designed by Damla Eryilmaz Ersoy of the E&E Mimarlik studio, the house reflects the traditional local style in combination with contemporary elements and quality materials. The result is a unique setting where the play of chiaroscuro and the richness of colour stand out.

Among the materials used in the project, Dekton by Cosentino stands out. A variety of Dekton colours have been used in multiple applications throughout the house. “The reason we wanted to use Dekton throughout the house is because of its durability and functionality”, explains the studio. “Creating solutions with a durable material for a family home was our starting point”, they underline.

Stunning floors

The kitchens in this home feature a variety of Dekton applications in different colours. On the one hand, Khalo was the colour chosen for the flooring in one of the kitchens. Inspired by Patagonia natural stone, Khalo was also used in the hallway, where it is combined with solid parquet. Thus, the cool colour of the stone and the warm effect of the wood blend together. “As our client was more of a classic style, we opted to use Dekton to create the illusion of a floating floor with a natural stone effect”, says the architect. Thanks to its polished finish, achieved through Dekton XGloss technology, Khalo features a spectacular shine that enhances its colourful chromatic structure. Intense blacks, subtle golds and tan browns give the different spaces a striking design.

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“The reason we wanted to use Dekton throughout the house is because of its durability and functionality”.
Damla Eryilmaz Ersoy

Damla Eryilmaz Ersoy


Luxury bathrooms

In addition to using Liquid Sky and Laurent in a number of common areas, Aura 15, Galema and Domoos were used for the kitchen and bathroom worktops. Inspired by Calacatta and Carrara marbles, Aura 15, a unique shade with a natural veining, was used to clad the floor, walls and shower in one of the bathrooms. Galema, a green shade with brown veins, adds elegance and sophistication, while the elegant graphite black tone of Dekton Domoos has been used on the kitchen worktop, enhancing the contrasts in this room.

Custom worktops and furniture

Dekton’s versatility was also key when it came to using the material in the furniture. For example, Dekton Laurent, an elegant colour inspired by Port Laurent natural stone, was used for the TV unit, thus adding an interesting play of contrasts thanks to its golden veins against a dark background.

Cosentinos Materialien, die in diesem Projekt verwendet werden

Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky

Aura 15

Aura 15


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