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Scandinavian style by the seaside

Amelie von Essen, Anders Holmberg Arkitekter

Gränsö Castle  - IMG 9999 scaled 51


Gränsövägen, Västervik, Sweden




Xgloss Arga, Laos matt and Kreta


4 and 8 mm (20 mm washbasin countertop)


Gränsö Slott and Anders Holmberg Arkitekter AB


Wall, countertop and floor cladding

End date



Amelie von Essen

Luxury suites in a historic castle by the sea

The contemporary design of the suites at Hotel Gränsö Slott blends in with the historic surroundings and coastal landscape of this resort near the idyllic town of Västervik, Sweden. The setting could not be more privileged: a castle dating back to 1800 and a private beach. There, four new beach villas with sea views have been built. These 45 m2 holiday homes feature spacious bathrooms, a bedroom, living room and large terraces. The four villas of the hotel, Lillön, Skanvik, Ekholmen and Tärnskär, have been designed in partnership with Amelie von Essen, from the AHA Anders Holmberg Arkitekter studio.

“When creating the new interior design concept for the Gränsö beach villas, the most important thing was to create a warm and welcoming space with a Scandinavian touch that integrated the surrounding nature”, explains Amelie von Essen. Dekton was chosen as the main material for the bathrooms, with this being used on the walls, floors and countertops. In addition, independent and well differentiated spaces were created, with a separate bathtub, shower and toilet.

Colours and contrasts

Specifically, the architects chose three colours from Dekton by Cosentino. The first, Dekton Arga, conveys the brightness and tranquility of the precious Taj Mahal quartzite and has been used on the countertops, fronts and large format wall panels of these luxury bathrooms, giving them, thanks to its natural and smooth appearance, a Scandinavian touch. “The colour scheme of Dekton Arga, together with its clear high-gloss design in shades of sand, light grey and white, is reminiscent of shimmering, sun-warmed beaches and is therefore in line with the concept of ‘strandsviterna’ (beach suites)”, explains the architect. The second Dekton colour used was Laos, a unique matt bluish grey that gives the walls and shelves great depth. Finally, Dekton Kreta was chosen for the floor, offering an interesting contrast of textures.”

Uniform and rounded design

“The main features of these spacious bathrooms are the lack of joints and the large format wall cladding. Dekton was the perfect choice for the cladding of all bathroom surfaces, as its beautiful designs, together with its availability in large format slabs and thin thicknesses of 4 and 8 mm, provided us with the ideal solution to convey an appearance of luxury and exclusivity”, says von Essen.

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“We used a number of material options and chose to combine a high gloss finish with a matt finish to highlight the designs and create contrasts”.
Amelie von Essen

Amelie von Essen

Anders Holmberg Arkitekter

Advantages for the bathroom

In addition to the aforementioned sense of uniformity, the chosen materials offer a wide range of technical advantages that make them the perfect choice for bathrooms. In the words of Oskar Pettersson, from Cosentino Scandinavia (Dekton manager in this project), “the material has the ideal properties for this type of room, with an almost zero absorption rate and a high resistance to scratches, ensuring that the surface remains unaltered after daily use”. Meanwhile, von Essen points out other aspects of Dekton that were crucial to their choice: “its stain resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance, as the suites receive guests every day”. “We knew it would be easy for the staff to clean the bathrooms and keep them fresh”, concludes von Essen.

Gränsö Castle  - Dekton Arga wall cladding scaled 78

Cosentinos Materialien, die in diesem Projekt verwendet werden

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