La Casa del Ocobo

AR-AR (Martínez Arquitectura) & Fiallo Atelier Anapoima, Colombia

A house for the caretaker of an estate in Colombia, built within the property and in balance with the landscape, using low-cost materials.
La Casa del Ocobo  - 5 00 31

Photos: © Ana Díaz, Jesús Fiallo & Carlos Martínez

On a mountaintop, with views over the Calandaíma river valley, is an estate called La Cascajosa, two hours away from Bogotá: “The warm tropical climate is a whole discovery of sensations and surprises. From time to time you get to experience the extreme humidity of the fog, the torrential rain, and frightening storms, as well as periods of dry heat that can cause fires. But the pure air and the incessant sounds of cicadas, frogs, birds, and insects are part of the marvelous environment and make you want to stay.” Complementing the Casa Volcanes, which is the main house, the Casa del Ocobo is a dwelling built for the caretaker of the
property. An L-shaped typology serves to separate its more communal and more private zones, each having its own garden-patio. A few strokes here and there gave the house a friendly look, enhancing the harmony of the place. To minimize costs, the Casa de Ocobo rises on a preexisting cement plate, and chircal brick is cheap to lay in situ besides standing out in the place because of its dark tone. Hence the project managed to generate quality architecture on a very low budget and through very specific strategies.
La Casa del Ocobo  - 1 33
La Casa del Ocobo  - 28 2.1 35
La Casa del Ocobo  - 27 2.2 37
La Casa del Ocobo  - 62 3 39
La Casa del Ocobo  - 24 4.1 41
La Casa del Ocobo  - 64 6 43
La Casa del Ocobo  - 51 7 45
La Casa del Ocobo  - 51 5 47
La Casa del Ocobo  - 8 49
La Casa del Ocobo  - 9.1 51
La Casa del Ocobo  - 9.2 53
La Casa del Ocobo  - 10 55
La Casa del Ocobo  - 11.2 57
La Casa del Ocobo  - 11.1 59

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