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Dekton: High-performance flooring for Interior floors

Variety of finishes, versatility of uses and easy maintenance. Dekton is a great choice for interior pavements of high quality and durability.

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Large format, minimal number of joints

Its large 3240 X 1440 mm format allows for the reduction of the number of joints. Likewise, the dimensions of the joints, thanks to the low linear expansion of Dekton, are reduced to the minimum necessary expression.

The large Dekton format, measuring 3200 x 1440 mm, allows for the number of joints to be reduced significantly. Likewise, the dimensions of the joints (thanks to the low linear expansion of Dekton) are reduced to 2 mm, the minimum possible measurement. The combination of little separation by joints and its incredible flatness (superior to ceramics) enhances the prolongation effect and the visual continuity of the material.


Thermal lineal expansion

UNE EN ISO 10545-8

Expansion between 30–100º


6.5 10 - 6

Moisture expansion

UNE EN ISO 10545-10

Maximum expansion



Medium expansion




DIlatación térmica lineal

UNE EN ISO 10545-3

Dilatación entre 30º-100º


Expansión máxima


Expansión media


Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

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Recommended for High Traffic projects

Dekton has optimal performance with high traffic floors, resisting the heavy transit of pedestrians and light vehicles with hardly any wear when compared to less crowded areas.

Indoor flooring  - inside flooring 36

Infinite cutting for any colour and size

The cutting of the floor is an aesthetic resource in interior design that reaches its maximum potential with Dekton. This material encourages interaction between colours and sizes thanks to its wide colour palette and the ability to cut it.

The tables are designed to be presented in a format where the material stands out because of its size, or in smaller dimensions where the material stands out on account of its quality in detail or texture.

Thanks to the versatility of Dekton, it is possible to make an “all-in-one” product, using the same material and/or thickness for the facade, base or skirting board and for the flooring, lending continuity to the whole project.