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A sustainable, durable and highly versatile façade

Be2Arq Arquitectura y Diseño

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Be2Arq Arquitectura y Diseño 



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4 mm

Stronger than concrete

The initial project for this development built by the Palomera company in Santander (Spain) envisaged that part of the façade would be made of concrete. However, after considering various possibilities, the architects decided on a finish with similar characteristics in terms of aesthetics, but with greater resistance to temperature changes and unfavourable weather conditions, such as Dekton Protek Slim. The large dimensions of this material – with formats up to 3,200 x 1,440 mm – made it possible to create an image very similar to the one they had in mind.

The position of the floors of these six family houses varies on the site in order to better integrate the complex into the landscape and ensure perfect natural lighting, which reveals the exterior cladding. According to Be2Arq Arquitectura y Diseño, ‘working with a material that is virtually unchanged, more durable and requires little maintenance was a very rewarding experience.’

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More design

The versatility of Dekton made it possible to work with pieces of different sizes, alternating large and small formats. In this way, it was possible to fit perfectly with the volumes of the building and generate a more interesting design, with greater movement, flexibility and lightness.

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‘We have taken advantage of the dimensional characteristics of this material to achieve an image similar to the one we had in mind.’
Be2Arq Arquitectura y Diseño

Be2Arq Arquitectura y Diseño

Project managers

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