Serpentine Pavilion
Francis Kéré
London, United Kingdom
Every year London’s Serpentine Gallery selects an international architect to design and build a temporary pavilion in Kensington Gardens, and which immediately becomes a ‘must’ summer visit.

Designed by Francis Kéré, the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion is conceived as a microcosmos – a community structure within Kensington Gardens that fuses cultural references of the architect’s home country Burkina Faso with experimental construction techniques. The project takes inspiration in the tree as a place where people gather together, where everyday activities play out under the shade of its branches. The design for the Serpentine Pavilion has a great over-hanging roof canopy made of steel and a transparent skin covering the structure, which allows sunlight to enter the space while also protecting it from the rain. Wooden shading elements line the underside of the roof to create a dynamic shadow effect on the interior spaces.

Serpentine Pavilion  - 47 01 32
© Iwan Baan
Serpentine Pavilion  - 27 08 34
© Iwan Baan
Serpentine Pavilion  - 37 05 36
© Iwan Baan
Serpentine Pavilion  - 40 03 38
© Iwan Baan
Serpentine Pavilion  - 32 06 40
Serpentine Pavilion  - 38 02 42
© Iwan Baan

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