Salt Mine Deserts
Emma Phillips
Emma Phillips was born in Sorrento (Italy), in 1989. In 2010 she graduated in Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne, and moved to New York a year later, where she worked with Annie Leibovitz.

The images of Australian salt mines _x005F_x000D_ by young Melbourne photographer _x005F_x000D_ Emma Phillips are surprising for their simplicity bordering on abstraction. _x005F_x000D_ The huge mountains of bright, white salt conceal a landscape that is both human and alien, and that can only be placed in context by the structures or artificial machines that give them a graspable scale and a location on the map. The blue skies provide the backdrop for this dazzling natural space and make it more understandable. With these photographs Phillips wants to evoke the harsh landscapes of Australia’s interior.

Salt Mine Deserts  - Salt 06 32
©Emma Phillips
Salt Mine Deserts  - Salt 08 34
©Emma Phillips
Salt Mine Deserts  - Salt 11 36
©Emma Phillips
Salt Mine Deserts  - Salt 09 38
©Emma Phillips
Salt Mine Deserts  - Salt 13 40
©Emma Phillips

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