HS House

Botteri – Connell
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The reflection game between water and glass demonstrates the search for inmateriality in the HS House.

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© Photos: Agustín Ichuribehere

In City Bell, a town located in Buenos Aires Province, stands this residence designed by Sofía Botteri and Patricio Connell’s La Plata-based firm. The 275-square-meter building, organized around a central pond, is designed in pursuit of ‘immateriality,’ playing with the water’s reflections on the surfaces of translucent glass and concrete. The enclosure follows an integral system of self-supporting U-shaped glazed profiles fastened in place by aluminum and PVC elements. The loadbearing partitions of reinforced concrete are left unfaced inside and outside.

“Water is the transitional element between reality and dream. The daily experience of entering the house through a central pond submerges ourselves into the mystery of walking among half-asleep reflections.”

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“The inner space holds the light in a serene and diaphanous manner that is occasionally disrupted by some ray of sun sneaking in and reminding us of the World outside seen from the threshold of a still dream.”

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“The house is built up as a metaphysical home. The habitat finds the evanescence of Being-There in the liquid light mirrors: the immaterial representation of its own existence.”

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