Brazil Cuisine

São Paulo, Brazil

Neutral textures by Cosentino fill the spaces in the restaurant designed by RCB.

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Located in the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) of São Paulo, Pipo Restaurant offers a gastronomic experience during which the clients can follow and enjoy the reparation and plate presentation process of the menu designed by famed chef Felipe Bronze, distinguished with two Michelin stars. The architects Renata Castilho and Camila Buciani, of the São Paulo-based studio RCB Arquitetura, were commissioned to design this open-plan space, connected with nature, sunlight, and the fresh breeze. Both the countertops of the grill area and the main wall are clad with Dekton Orix, a tone included in the ‘industrial’ collection and that

gives a neutral image, in contrast with the colorist decoration signed by the artist TOZ. Along the same line, the walls and countertops are covered with Dekton Nilium, which reproduces a natural texture scattered with golden and gray metallic dots. This material is highly resistant to UV light, so it can also be used on the terrace, creating a uniform aesthetic and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Following this same aim, the main space is enclosed with permeable doors of timber strips designed specifically for this project.

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Pipo Restaurant uses 138 m2 of Cosentino materials: Dekton Nilium on the countertops, Dekton Orix on the work surfaces and main wall, and Silestone Blanco Capri in the bathroom.

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