Acid House Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

A hub for creative business innovation arises from an old factory in Barcelona’s 22@ technological district.

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Arquitectura-G presents Acid House Barcelona, the result of turning a factory into a cultural center and business innovation hub in the 22@ technological district within the Poblenou neighborhood. The design pursued an economy of means and contemplated ten years of accommodating different entrepreneurial initiatives in the Catalonian capital. The building has two interconnected bays. The main one is a traditional double pitched roof volume that offers space for offices. The other one is a double-height space containing an office, a work area, a classroom, and toilets. The new layout respects the preexisting configuration, and the direct contact with the street is put to advantage

through showcases, offices, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria that together act as filter between the outside and the private spaces. Inside, all furniture can be moved about, from tables and chairs to tiers and stairs that are detached from the fixed construction when necessary, adapting the facilities to changing uses and requirements. The building originally had an industrial aesthetic of cold, severe materials, but now the walls are painted white and so are all the other visible elements, such as trusses, frames, plasterings, and wooden floors, unifying the place and highlighting its past. The added plants provide the only contrast with the aesthetic of the place.

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